Do you have the tools to prepare your church staff, congregation, or youth group to face the anit-Christian culture? People are leaving the church in record numbers. No longer is it good enough to simply say, "because the Bible says so." There are more non-religious in the world today than the entire population of the world at the beginning of the last century. We need real reasons for our faith, and we need them now!

Hey, my name is Lucas Kitchen. I'm passionate about preparing believers to engage with the shifting worldview in an artistic and captivating way. I've been honing my apologetics and biblical message for over a decade, and in the last few years, I've seen an explosion of interest in this incredibly important topic.  Through research and study, I've discovered, time and again, that there are solid answers to all of the fundamental questions that challenge the Christian faith in person and online. We know that we've hit a nerve because our work has been seen by millions. Not only do I teach groups about atheism, but I train them to engage with gentleness and respect. We need more people who can give powerful answers while demonstrating the love that Christ has called us to. I want to share the confidence I have in Christ, the Bible, and God with your group. To find out more about booking, contact us at or use the contact form on this page.