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Want some more info about us? Well, here we are. We are the Kitchens... I guess I should explain. Kitchen is our last name. My name is Lucas. My wife is Kristah, and our daughter is Eily. (That's pronounced Eye-Lee.) By the end of 2014 I had built up a decent video production and graphic design business. I produced scores of commercial projects for a boat load of clients each year. After three-quarters of a decade doing that, I found myself wishing for something deeper. The month before Eily was born, we made a life change. We jumped into full-time media missionary work. You might think of it something like an online pastor. Though, Our pulpit is not the wooden stage-locked behemoth of yesteryear. We speak, preach, and share the message of Jesus online through media (mostly video).  If you've spent any time online you'll notice that the secular worldview is well represented by numerous voices. We want to be a voice of reason and hope in a world of self-reliant secularism. We've been in awe of the way in which this website, and ministry has taken off. In less than a year, we've reached over 11 million people. We hope to reach as many more in the year to come. If you're looking for a cause to support, we would love for you to come alongside us and join the ministry by supporting Questions From Atheists. 
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