That's All Folks

I hope you’ve learned something, enjoyed the ride, and considered things you’ve never considered before. In my attempt to put this book together, I’ve tried to give a robust set of ideas that demonstrate the thrust of christian theology, while maintaining the goal of persuading someone toward faith, and away from atheism. 
Please continue to consider the things you’ve read here. I’m convinced that the most important moment in life is when someone believes in Jesus. I truly hope that you believe in him, and his promise of eternal life. If you are still unconvinced I hope that you’ve moved at least a step closer to becoming convinced. 

As Steve Jobs said, “stay hungry.” I am convinced that those who are seeking truth will find it in greater measure than those who don’t. If you are searching for God in this world, that clouds judgment and confuses reason, I encourage you to continue. The bible promises that God draws near to those who seek him. Keep seeking, and you will find time. I’m convinced with every centimeter of my being that Jesus is the ultimate expression of God’s desire to be near his creation.