Bashing Other's Beliefs

I run a website called, I often get asked why I’m so interested in bashing what other people believe. It’s a good question, and I avoid answering it often. The reason I avoid answering it, along with the daily rants that appear on the site, is because the person who holds that perception has already put me at a disadvantage from which no answer would allow me to recover. I will often open a conversation, by ignoring the accusation that I’m ‘bashing’ anyone’s beliefs.  The act of dismantling a false worldview is not ‘bashing.’ It’s an act of liberation. However, this is rarely how the person sees it whose worldview is under scrutiny.
This is all said to allow us the opportunity to slip into the right frame of mind. I hope you may find the grace to read this chapter with a tone of compassion and care. I don’t wish to belittle anyone, I wish to liberate. I don’t wish to clobber anyone, but instead to provoke introspective questions that lead to powerful mind change. If you read arrogance or insult in the words that follow, it’s not because I intend to include that kind of base material, but because I’m too dense to recognize it. I truly hope that this chapter gives you the ability to consider a mind change, while also maintaining the feeling of sitting across from me in a coffee shop. This is a friend, talking to another friend about important things. Please, don’t storm out. I care about you.