Proving God Via Jesus

It must be established that Jesus if shown to be authentic, is capable of proving the existence of God. There is a basic avenue which can be used to describe the relationship between the man Jesus and God’s existence. If a series of ‘if’ statements are employed the path becomes apparent.

1. If there is a God, it is logical that he would wish to interact with his physical creation.
2. If he interacts, it is logical that he would take on a physical form to do so.
3. If he takes on a physical form, it is logical that his physical form would be finite.
4. If his tangible form is finite, it is logical that it would not fully reveal his nature.
5. If his nature is partially unrevealed, it is logical he would show his divine nature by supernatural means.

6. The story of Jesus is consistent with these logical statements.

If Jesus can be proven authentic, authoritative, and trustworthy, then the existence of God falls in place. Being convinced that Jesus is supernatural, accomplishes the purpose of showing the existence of the supernatural, and therefore God.