Is Christianity Really Better

Evidence for the existence of God has been given many times over. There are a host of arguments intended to bolster the case for his existence. These might include statements like,  something rather than nothing exists, and all things are dependent on something else for existence. The causal entity, therefore, must be God. The cosmological argument is the name of that approach. 
Another brand of evidence comes in this form. Nature is too incredibly complex to exist randomly, which implies a methodical engineer. That approach is called the argument from irreducible complexity. 
Yet another can be stated this way. The tremendous specifics needed in the initial conditions of the universe, and the continued razor’s edge balance that must be maintained to support life implies not only an engineer but a caring, involved maintainer. That is called the argument from fine tuning. There are many other evidences given for the existence of God.
I find that these types of arguments, while interesting may not be as useful as one might think. It’s my opinion that almost anyone can find a hole in these types of approaches. A sufficiently motivated party can almost always find a philosophical way out of the ontological, cosmological, teleological, and moral arguments. Rather than spending excessive time toying around in the weeds of philosophical pursuits, I would rather talk about Jesus. This may seem like a strange place to go in order to prove that God exists, but none-the-less it’s where we’re headed.
In my opinion, the most conclusive evidence that God exists is the most rejected. Jesus is the most powerful evidence that God exists.