Christianity Changed The World

Christianity does much better than Secular Humanism when the livability test⁠1 is applied. The world has been rehabilitated extensively because of the spread of Christianity. Where Christianity grows, so do human rights, social justice, and human advancements. Alvin J. Schmidt said it this way.

“On the basis of the historical evidence, I am fully persuaded that had Jesus Christ never walked the dusty paths of ancient Palestine… the West would not have attained its high level of civilization, giving it the many human benefits it enjoys today. One only needs to look to sectors of the world where Christianity has had little or no presence to see the remarkable differences.”⁠2

In the same work, Schmidt discusses non-Christian historians, such as E.H. Lecky, who, while being a critic of the faith, frequently credits Christianity for the many civilized values and practices it gave to Western society.⁠3 Although Secular Humanists would like to claim human flourishing for themselves, it is truly under Christianity that men and women become more than they ever could have been. The world is a much less violent place than it was before Christian fueled society sunk its roots into the soil of planet Earth.

1 The livability test refers to a worldview’s ability to be implemented on a practical level, and how effective it is in creating positive outcomes.
2 Schmidt, Alvin J. How Christianity Changed the World. Zondervan, (2004): 14
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