Religion And War

Atheists often claim that it is religion that causes war, and poisons the societies of man.⁠1 However, that is simply not a good representation of the facts. It is true that most wars may have a religious factor because the majority of people are religious. However, Encyclopedia of Wars claims that out of the 1,763 wars, 1,640 were not motivated by religion.⁠2 So 93% of wars are motivated by something other than conflicts between faiths. Although this does not make Christianity right, it does dismantle the notion that Christianity, or any religion for the matter, is more warring and violent than secular institutions. In fact, quite the opposite is true. 
Secular Humanists often claim the horrors of the crusades and inquisitions as evidence that Christianity is merely another hypocritical ideology, which doesn’t work in the practical sphere. Secondly, these cruel events were not indicative of general Christian teaching. It is not logical to judge a philosophy by the actions of those who violate its tenants.

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