Chapter 42: Supernatural Nature Of Jesus

There are those that have tried to discredit the supernatural aspects of Jesus while attempting to hold on to the historical elements of his life. However, there is no contextual, grammatical, historical, or biographical reason that a scholar would disbelieve the supernatural aspects of Jesus’ story while holding onto the natural accounts. The reason they disbelieve the supernatural parts are simply that they are hard to believe. There is nothing literarily unique to the portions of the new testament that discuss Jesus’ supernatural abilities when they are compared against the portions that describe his natural life. To accept Christ as a historical person, but reject him as a supernatural one is playing unfairly with the historical and evidentiary method. There is the same amount of evidence to support the supernatural accounts in the New Testament as there is to support the ordinary physical accounts. So accepting one over the other is only done on an arbitrary, opinion oriented basis. It is worth looking at the best-known miracle that was attributed to Jesus. 
Millard Burrows put it this way, “The excessive skepticism of many liberal theologians stems not from a careful evaluation of the available data, but from an enormous predisposition against the supernatural.”⁠1

1 Burrows, Millard. “What Mean These Stones?”, Meridian Books, New York, NY, 1956, p. 176.