Did Jesus Make Any Prophecies?

Jesus prophesied that Jerusalem would be surrounded by armies. (Luke 21:20). This was fulfilled in the lead up to it’s demise in Early 70 A.D. before the wall of Jerusalem were breached.
Jesus prophesied that the city would be the victim of siege, have embankments built around it, and the people who didn’t flee would be trapped inside with their children. (Luke 19:43,44) This prophecy came true a few days before Passover of 70 A.D. It took three weeks for the Roman Commander Titus to breach the outer walls.
Jesus prophesied Jerusalem would be destroyed, (Luke 21:23-24) Fulfilled in 70 A.D. After breaching the walls the destruction began.
Jesus predicted the 2nd Jewish temple would be destroyed, (Matthew 24:23-24) Fulfilled in May of 70 A.D. After the rest of the city was conquered the last vestige of resistance held up in the temple. Titus didn’t want to destroy the temple, but instead convert it to a temple for the Roman pantheon. However, fire caught and it was utterly destroyed, Just as Jesus predicted.

Jesus predicted that the described events would happen within the lifetime of his listeners. (Matthew 24:34) It did as recorded by Roman history.
Jesus predicted that after this even Jews would be scattered throughout the World, (Luke 21:24). Jews fled in every direction and took up residence in all parts of the world.
Jesus prophesied that Jerusalem would be controlled by Gentiles. (Luke 21:24) After the destruction of Jerusalem the city was controlled by Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Arab, Christian Crusaders, Mamluk, Ottoman, and British rulers. Gentiles ruled over Israel for around 1900 years.
Jesus prophesied persecutions of the Jews who were scattered. (Luke 23:28-30, 21:24) Fulfilled every generation for the last 20 centuries as represented by the holocaust, pogroms, and other persecutions against the Jews. This is significant in history, because no people group has ever been pursued by persecution like the Jews. It goes beyond reason. The persecution of the Jews requires a supernatural explanation within itself. It would be the wildest of conspiracy theories... If it wasn’t true.
Jesus, and the apostles John & Paul predicted that despite all these impossible circumstances, the Jewish nation would survive (Luke 21:24, Revelation 7 & 14) This is significant in history, because virtually all other ethnicities of any historical era have ceased to exist. Virtually all are eventually assimilated into other groups. The Jews, however, have survived, and stayed distinct despite the fact that many nations have evicted, persecuted and tried to eradicate them. None the less, Jesus said they’d survive and that they did.
Jesus predicted that After being scattered for a time Jews would return to Israel (Luke 21:24). This prophecy was incredibly fulfilled in 1948, when after WWII and the holocaust Israel was established once more as a homeland for the Jewish people. This is utterly unique in all of history.
Jesus predicted that the city of Jerusalem would come back under the control of the Jews. John also implicitly prophesied the same. (Luke 21:24) This prophecy was fulfilled in 1967 after the 6 day war.  It’s not only incredible that he predicted this, but it’s incredible in the history of the world. No other people has ever been driven from their land and returned generations later to  gain national sovereignty. The Jews have done it not once but multiple times.
Jesus predicted the survival of the Christian church, and it’s growth. This continues to be fulfilled even today. (Matthew 16:16-18) Early on, there were many obstacles that looked as if they would make this prophecy impossible. However, the church continues to grow.
Jesus said his words would never be forgotten, which is still being fulfilled. (Luke 21:33) Considering the billions of people whose words have been lost throughout the ages. The fact that a Jewish carpenter from 20 centuries ago rightly predicted his words would live on is amazing.
Jesus prophesied that the story of Mary of Bethany would be included in the gospels (Matthew 26:13). John tells us that Jesus did so many things that most of the stories could not be recorded. (John 21:25) In other words there was a lot that the gospel writers had to leave out. The fact that Jesus rightly prophesied that this particular story would be told throughout the world is incredible.
Jesus prophesied the way in which Peter was put to death (John 21:18-19). Church history recorded that Peter was crucified upside down.
Jesus prophesied that his disciples would face trouble, be hauled into courts, act as his witnesses, be hated, harmed, and killed for the sake of the gospel. (John 16:33) History shows all of these things to be true.
Jesus foretold that the Apostle John would outlive Peter apostles. (John 21:18-19) John was the only one of the apostles who was not directly martyred. He died as an exile on the island of Patmos, at around 90 years old.
So why do these things matter? They matter because the New Testament is about Jesus. If Jesus has the power to predict the future, then he is trustworthy. If Jesus is trustworthy then the New Testament can be trusted. 
Jesus also performed a number of prophecies that were corroborated by contemporary eyewitnesses. Here are a few to chew on. 

Jesus prophesied one of his disciples would betray him. (Matthew 26:21-22, Luke 22:47-48). Jesus prophesied all his disciples would leave him. (Matthew 26:31-32). Jesus prophesied Peter would deny him three times. (Matthew 26:33-34, 74-75). Jesus prophesied he would suffer because of the religious rulers. (Matthew 16:21, Luke 23:63-65). Jesus prophesied that he would die in Jerusalem. (Matthew 16:21). Jesus prophesied that he’d die by crucifixion. (Matthew 26:2, Mark 15:26-27). Jesus prophesied that he would die during the Passover. (Matthew 26:2, John 19:14-16). Jesus prophesied his resurrection. (Matthew 16:21, 28:6). Jesus prophesied he’d raise from the dead on the third day. (John 2:18-22, Matthew 27:62-63). He prophesied the coming of the Holy Spirit. (John 14:26, Acts 2:1-4)