Is There An Alternative?

I had a friend growing up who had a three legged cat. The cat was an outdoor cat that they affectionately named, NFL. NFL in this case does not refer to the National Football League. NFL stood for “no fourth leg.” 
The cat was actually quite spry. He had accommodated will to life on three paws. His run was more violent and jolting than his quadruped cousins, but other than that he did well enough. His lifestyle worked well enough but he was at a disadvantage in some areas. 
Cat’s fight. I’m sure you’ve heard the bizarre alleyway screams of angry felines. They are territorial by nature. A territory represents a food sources, something they must guard by instinct. NFL had a distinct weakness when it came to all out kitty brawls. Usually a cat, when he is really cornered, will wrap his front arms around his opponent and use its back claws to kick at the abdomen of his opponent. 
It looks like something the cat may have learned from his Australian friend the kangaroo. In any fight, my friend’s cat, NFL would be at a disadvantage, because he has exactly half the gut slicing power. So, NFL avoided these types of fights, I would assume. I mainly assume this because he lived to be about a hundred fifty years old, if only in cat years. 

In a similar way to NFL, atheism is missing a leg. What’s strange about atheism, is that it seems this ideology has willingly self-amputated its appendage.  What is the appendage that atheism amputated? Atheism has severed one very important source of knowledge, that a theistic worldview allows.