Atheism's Children

Around the turn of the last century, possibly in a drunken haze of bad judgment, Atheism met Humanism. I imagine this meeting taking place at some seedy bar on the wrong side of town. Atheism was the guy in the corner singing old tavern songs at the top of his lungs. Humanism sat quietly against the bar wishing she had that kind of confidence. While the loud song master barked strange insults at the patrons, Humanism felt herself inexplicably drawn to this wild character. Before the end of the night they hit it off and went back to her place, because Atheism “doesn’t believe in keeping a regular residence.” It was clear that they wouldn’t be able to get along. The divorce was ugly, especially since Humanism was pregnant. Their child was named, Secular Humanism. Both Atheism, and Humanism are involved, but rarely at the same time.
Yikes, I may have taken that tangent too far. Secular Humanism is a kind of hybrid between atheism and humanism. It has aspects of both and builds on top of them with a few unique pieces that are neither ‘only atheistic’ or ‘only humanistic.’ Although I am generally interested in utterly destroying atheism it’s primarily secular humanism that we will be analyzing. Keep your pants on, I’ll explain why in a little bit.