Is There Absolute Value?

Not only do the source of absolute morals present a problem for Secular Humanism, but the source of absolute value as well. If there is no absolute standard for value, then all valuable things should have only a subjective valuation. Supporting subjective value may work for many inanimate objects, possibly even the animal kingdom, but when human individuals are concerned, subjective value becomes nearly impossible to support. This can be seen when demonstrated with the continuity of value in individual human life.
If humans had arbitrary continuity value, then the worth of one life could be traded for another as a commodity. An example of something that has arbitrary continuity value is money. If a person loses a dollar on the bus but then finds a dollar on the train, he would have a net gain of zero. This is because money has arbitrary continuity value. The same value can be maintained with continuity even though the actual physical dollars are arbitrarily replaced. If there is no source for absolute valuation, then he should have only arbitrary continuity value. Arbitrary continuity value is the highest form of value that a secular worldview can offer. That is as much as Secular Humanism can assign a human life, without some external source of worth attribution. However, there’s a practical problem with this.
Imagining that each human life has an arbitrary continuity value of 1, then any death is permissible as long as there is a birth to replace the lost human, as was true in the illustration of the lost and found dollar. In the deadly terrorist attacks of 9/11, we lost 2,996 Americans. Imagine if a news commentator went on the news that night and said, “Nobody should mourn because 2,996 babies were also born today. Don’t worry; we have not lost any human life because all of the victims were replaceable.” That commentator would be fired and never work in the news business again because everyone knows he is wrong. When someone dies something valuable is lost, regardless of how many babies there are to replace the dead human. 
If  only arbitrary continuity value exists then the human slave-trade should be allowed. If all things only have an arbitrary value then there exists a monetary amount that should adequately compensate for the purchase of a human slave. If there is only arbitrary value, then human life should be able to be bought and sold. 
Why stop there? Assassination, and murder for hire should be a legal occupation if there is only arbitrary continuity value. We all agree that life is valuable, but if it only has arbitrary value, then there is a price that could be paid to outweigh the value of a human life. If the value of humans is only determined by the evaluation of other humans then it, by definition, is only arbitrarily valuable. Some may evaluate life to have a value of ten and another evaluate life to have a value of five, and yet another evaluate life’s value at zero. As a side note, don’t make friends with the guy who says life has a value of zero. He’s likely to get himself killed, and those who are around him.  
Any atheistic worldview has this in common; it has no satisfactory answer for why there exists an absolute value of individual human lives. The value of individuals demonstrates a singular continuity that can’t be explained away by biological or naturalistic means. If individual humans are absolutely valuable, there must be an absolute evaluator. No human entity can be absolute, and therefore no human evaluation can be absolute. Human evaluations would be arbitrary and conflicting at best. Absolute pervasive presence of absolute value dismantles the secular claims of Secular Humanism. This can be finally demonstrated by a short list of IF statements. 

1. If humans have absolute value, then it is logical that there is an absolute evaluation.
2. If there is an absolute evaluation, then it is logical that there’s an absolute evaluator.
3. If there is an absolute evaluator it, by definition, is synonymous with God.
4. Therefore there is a God. 

It could be said that Secular Humanism is an oxymoron. Secularization implicitly leads to arbitrary value of human life. Arbitrary value leads to unspeakable brutality. The problem of secularization’s arbitrary value is answered by Humanism’s vehement claim for Human value. Pure humanism claims absolutely that human life has dignity and worth. However, there is no support for where that worth and dignity comes from. Humanism and Secular are ideas that should be considered opponents of each other. They cannon work together on the subject of value. As nobody says, “you can’t eat your cake and rub it in your friend’s faces too.”  A fair minded person should recognize that secularization has implications that stand opposed to humanism.