Jesus and Horus

a popular internet meme claims Jesus’ story was a copy of Horus’ - a mythological Egyptian  god. 


Horus was 
born of a virgin 
on December 25th, 
had 12 disciples, 
raised Asar from the dead, 
was crucified and resurrected 3 days later. 
And the story of Horus pre-dates the story of Jesus by many hundreds of years. 

So is it true?

1. Isis (Horus’ Mother) was married to Osiris (Horus’ father). She used the reassembled member of Osiris body to impregnate herself. So… HORUS WAS NOT BORN OF A VIRGIN.

2. Horus’ birth took place and was celebrated during the Epagomenal Days, a four day festival between August 24 and 28th. So, HORUS WAS NOT BORN ON DECEMBER 25.

3. There are no ancient references to Horus having 12 disciples. The first reference appeared in a poem in the 1800s AD. So HORUS DIDN’T HAVE 12 DISCIPLES

4. Asar is another name for Osiris. It was Isis who raised Asar. SO HORUS DID NOT RAISE ASAR FROM THE DEAD

5. Crucifixion was a Roman invention and didn’t even exist until the 500s BCE. Secondly Horus never died. Therefore, there could be no resurrection. SO HORUS WAS NOT CRUCIFIED OR RESURRECTED 3 days later.

So, the story of Jesus was not plagiarized from the story of Horus.