The One Thing An Atheist Can't Do.

The atheist can do whatever she likes, except one thing. Whether sex or chastity, love or cruelty, truth or lies, all is permissible to the atheist, save this single act. The one thing an atheist cannot do is have faith. For the atheist who dabbles in faith is no atheist at all.

Isn't it ironic that faith alone in Christ is the one thing she must do to be saved. Modern atheism is not a lack of faith, as is so often claimed, but instead a carefully crafted inoculation against Christianity. In any other religion, acts of goodness can secure eternity. However, in Christianity alone do works of goodness do nothing to gain everlasting life. Faith in Christ alone is the only way, which is a path denied to the atheist. Atheism is specifically designed to bar the door of Heaven and is a custom-made response to "faith-alone" Christianity.

To deny a person their right to have faith, is the single most cruel act ever perpetrated on humanity. The seminal brilliance of this insidious ideology is not in it's denial of God's existence, for which there is no proof, but in it's removal of the single tool man has to be reconciled with God. To deny a person their faith, is to deny them their immortality.